How To FINALLY Get What You Want
Discover The Hidden Key To Finally Achieve What You Really Want In Life…
Founder Of SUCCESS Magazine Orison Swett Marden Reveals How You 
Must Awaken The Lion Within In Order To Get What You Truly Want In Life…
From the desk of: Dr. Joe Vitale, Best-Selling Author of The Attractor Factor 

Dear friend,

Once upon a time, there was a young lion cub... 

One day, feeling particularly curious, the young cub decides to wander away from his mother and explore the surrounding jungle…

After becoming lost and wandering alone for hours, he’s taken in by a mother sheep who’s been separated from her children…

The cub, not being old enough to understand the world around him, grows up believing he’s a sheep, just like his mother…

Until one day...a strong, beautiful, and courageous lion appears on a distant hill and lets loose a mighty roar

And in that moment, as soon as the other sound reaches his ears, the cub, who’s now become a full-grown lion himself, becomes aware of his true nature

Instantly, he feels a sense of strength, courage, and power that, up until that moment, he never knew he had

Immediately, he realizes that he too is a King, a God, and a Ruler of the jungle…

But up until his true nature was “awakened”, 
our young cub had no idea what he truly was inside!
And here’s the thing...

You and I are no different!

We’re Gods and Rulers too... 

Gods of the beautiful Universe all around us, and Rulers of our own jungle...the jungle that is our LIVES!

So...if you feel like your life is slipping away before your very eyes

If you’re struggling to become the person you know you were meant to be…

if you’re struggling to the find the abundance, prosperity, happiness, and success you deserve in life

If you’re struggling to get what you REALLY want in life…

Then what you’re about to learn could be the most important piece of information you’ve ever come across...
Meet The The Man Who Discovered The Key To Abundance, Prosperity, Happiness, Love, And Success...Over 100 Years Ago!
I want to introduce to a man named Orison Swett Marden…

Born in 1848, Marden came into a life of struggle and hardship at a VERY young age…

At age 3, his mother died at just 22 years old…

4 years later, at age 7, Marden’s father died while hunting for food to feed the children…

From age 7 on, Marden was shuttled from family to family along with his two sisters…

It was a hard life.

A young orphan, not even 10 years old, with no parents and no family home to grow up in…

...Marden had absolutely NO reason to believe that he would ever enjoy any measure of abundance, prosperity, love, or happiness in his life…

And yet, one day, Marden stumbled across an incredible “secret” that allowed him to turn his life of hardship upside down…

He leveraged the power of this incredible discovery to tap into a hidden wellspring of ambition, willpower, and desire for success deep inside himself...

He learned how to transform himself into a “magnet” for all the forces of positivity in life…





...and unprecedented SUCCESS!

And this powerful “secret” discovery that holds the hidden key to getting what YOU really want in life…

So allow me to explain...
How To Transform Yourself Into A “Magnet” For Abundance, Prosperity, And Positivity…
After enduring a childhood filled with hardship and suffering, Marden became aware of one simple truth that would change his life forever…

It’s this one simple truth that allowed him to push away the all the adversity and negativity in his life…

...and being attracting the exact OPPOSITE...abundance, prosperity, and positivity!

So what was this incredible discovery?

Marden uncovered that our circumstances, environment, and the very fabric of our lives, are controlled by one universal force


It’s our magnetism that determines whether we attract GOOD...or BAD...into our lives!

And so, when something negative happens to us that appears to be beyond our control…

This directly influences our essence, making us more likely to attract MORE of that specific thing!

Let me ask you something…

Have you ever felt there was a dark cloud following you around wherever you go?

Like no matter what you do, everything just seems to go wrong?

Because if you’s the PERFECT example of your inner magnetism influencing the world around you!

And Marden came to realize that if he could simply “flip the switch”...

Then he could begin to attract POSITIVITY instead of negativity

It’s a goal he ended up dedicating his entire life to…

So how did it work out for him?

Well...once uncovered how to “reverse” his inner polarity and transform himself into a magnet for positivity…

He went on to write over 50 books and become the Founder of SUCCESS Magazine!

That’s the true power of his secret...and fortunately for you and me…

He wrote an ENTIRE BOOK on exactly how he did it…
Introducing “How To Get What You Want”:
The Story Of Marden’s Life-Changing “Success Secret”...And How You Can Use It To Finally Get What You Really Want In Life!
Published in 1917, How To Get What You Want is the story of Marden’s life-changing “success secret”...

The discovery that allowed him to overcome the odds and turn a life of hardship and suffering…

...into a life filled with abundance, prosperity, happiness, love, and success.

The only problem is…
Many of the book’s most powerful lessons are hidden in archaic, dated, and incredibly difficult language!
It was written over 100 years ago, after all…

But the fact is for most of us today, actually grasping the “juicy parts” of the book practically require a TRANSLATOR…

Which is why I am proud to present to you, in partnership with my dear friend and colleague, clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones…
…”How To Get What You Want”!
Together, Dr. Steve and I have spent hours upon hours “translating” the powerful lessons hidden inside How To Get What You Want… that you can quickly and easily MASTER Marden’s powerful “success secret”!

We’ve gone through the entire book, from cover to cover, and broken down every single chapter of How To Get What You Want into easy to grasp, bite-size pieces...and in ultra high-quality video format!
  •  How to “awaken” your own inner strength, courage, and personal power
  •  How to make yourself a magnet for abundance, prosperity, happiness, love, and success in life
  •  How you can directly influence the outcome of your life with your thoughts
  •  How you can tap into your own inner wellspring of ambition and willpower
  •  How you can increase your personal affinity for abundance, prosperity, wealth and success
  •  How to get what you REALLY want in life
  •  And much, much more…
Here’s Everything You’ll Receive With “How To Get What You Want”…
How To Get What You Want - The Video "Translation" 
($497 Value)
Chapter 1: 
Something Touched Him
 with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Discover the story of lost lion cub who was adopted by the sheep
  •  Learn why you must make yourself a MAGNET for the things you truly desire in life
  •  Find out how our environment, associates, and general condition all come to us in the physical plane as a result of our thoughts
  •  And much more
Chapter 2: 
How To Get What You Want 
with Dr. Steve G. Jones
  •  Why this may be the most essential chapter of the entire book
  •  How the relationship between humans and their environments all boils down to MAGNETISM and AFFINITY
  •  How to “force yourself” to take massive action and compel your life to change
  •  And much more
Chapter 3: 
Playing The Glad Game 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why success is about mindset, perception, and choice
  •  How finding the miracle of the MOMENT is the key to long-term happiness
  •  The “Glad Game” and how it can transform your life
  •  How you can train your mind to see the GOOD in every situation
  •  And much more
Chapter 4: 
Discouragement A Disease
— How To Cure It 
 with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why discouragement is a disease (and how to cure it)
  •  How discouragement prevents you from seeing your opportunities and true potential
  •  Why curiosity is the antidote to many of the negative forces in life
  •  How to reset your perspective by asking yourself a few simple questions
  •  And much more
Chapter 5: 
The Force That Moves Mountains with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why faith is the “force that moves mountains”
  •  How you can tap into this divine power that surrounds us all everywhere we go
  •  Why you’re a “god” in your own world (whether you realize it or not)
  •  How faith is the secret to doing the IMPOSSIBLE
  •  And much more
Chapter 6: 
Faith and Drugs
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why being fit and healthy is a critical part of getting what you want in life
  •  How Marden discovered the “placebo effect” 100 years ago and what it revealed to him about the power of the Universe
  •  How faith can help you melt down the pre-existing barriers and limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back
  •  And much more
Chapter 7: 
How to Find Oneself 
with Dr. Steve G. Jones
  •  How to find your true self BEFORE you run out of time on this Earth
  •  Why “the journey IS the reward” and why the destination is always a mirage on the horizon
  •  How to add an unlimited amount of depth, richness, and happiness in your life by finding yourself
  •  And much more
Chapter 8: 
How to Attract Prosperity 
with Dr. Steve G. Jones
  •  Why struggle and adversity are part of the human condition that creates the opportunity for abundance to flow into your life
  •  How to banish the mental forces that cause poverty and negativity
  •  How you can inadvertently engage the WRONG forces of attraction (and how to avoid it)
  •  And much more
Chapter 9: 
Thinking All Over 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  How every part of your body is ALIVE and has its own intelligence that can be directed and controlled by your mind
  •  How you can be programming yourself for failure or disease by providing the wrong directions and commands to your body
  •  Why the ego is the master spirit and how it can “think” health OR disease into your cells
  •  And much more
Chapter 10: 
Heart-to-Heart Talks with Yourself 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  The importance of having “heart-to-heart” talks with yourself
  •  How you talk to yourself influences EVERYTHING (right down to the cellular level)
  •  Why every word you speak and every thought you have can create a positive or negative effect
  •  Why words themselves are the “clothes” of our thoughts
  •  And much more
Chapter 11: 
Our Partnership with God 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  How you can increase your personal power by partnering with the “source of life” itself
  •  How you can tap into the divine flow of the Universal Consciousness and eliminate all distractions, barriers, and objections to ANYTHING
  •  How I wrote my book Zero Limits in just 2 weeks through a “joint-venture with the divine” (and it felt like I didn’t even write it)
  •  And much more
How To Get What You Want (362-page eBook)
This is the original text written by Orison Swett Marden himself. While this 362-page eBook is written in a language that most would struggle to understand today…’s still filled with enough knowledge and insights to transform anyone’s life forever...even 100 years after it was first published!
As you can see, for each and every chapter in the book, Dr. Steve G. Jones and I have drawn out the important insights and critical conclusions.

In each video, we perform a direct “translation” of how the timeless knowledge and wisdom included in each chapter translates directly to YOU and YOUR LIFE!
But Wait...That’s Not All!
Along with the video “translation” of How To Get What You Want today, you’ll also receive some priceless bonuses that will dramatically amplify the impact of Marden’s “secret” on your life.

Dr. Steve has laid out a step-by-step roadmap through his powerful clinical hypnotherapy teachings that will permanently re-shape your subconscious mind to attract positivity.

These hypnosis recordings will help you eliminate ANY remaining “negativity attraction” you may have left in you… ensure that you can put an end to the downward spiral you’re currently stuck in, and become a high-powered “magnet” for POSITIVITY!

Here’s the full list of recordings you’ll receive..

The “How To Get What You Want” Audio Recording Collection
($197 Value)
  • How to Get What You Want Hypnosis Session (60 min)
  •  How to Get What You Want Daytime Affirmation Session (30 min)
  •  How to Get What You Want Subliminal Session (30 min)
  •  How to Find Oneself Hypnosis Session (60 min)
  •  How to Find Oneself Daytime Affirmation Session (30 min)
  • How to Find Oneself Subliminal Session (30 min)
  •  How to Attract Prosperity Hypnosis Session (60 min)
  •  How to Attract Prosperity Daytime Affirmation Session (30 min)
  •  How to Attract Prosperity Subliminal Session (30 min)
These recordings total over 6+ hours of Dr. Jones’s high-quality clinical hypnotherapy teachings

With them in hand, you’ll be able to eradicate any limiting beliefs or subconscious barriers you may have to living a life of incredible joy and fulfillment...

You’ll be able to allow the forces of prosperity, abundance, happiness, love, and success flow freely through you...
How To Get What You Want” Today So You Can Become A “Positivity Magnet” And Get What You Really Want In Life!
How To Get What You Want holds the secret to eliminating every last shred of negativity from your life…

...and becoming a “Positivity Magnet” so you can finally get what you really want in life!

Whether it’s abundance, prosperity, happiness, love, or success

You CAN have it all!

With our modern-day video “translation” of Marden’s ancient text, Dr. Steve and I will show you how to..
  •  Tap into your own inner wellspring of ambition and willpower
  •  Realize your full potential
  •  Awaken the strength, courage, and power inside you
  •  Make yourself a “magnet” for abundance, wealth, prosperity, love, happiness, and success
  •  Create and attract the life of your dreams
  •  Get what you really want in life
Together we've put together an incredible package of amazing, high-quality video AND audio content for you, valued at a total of $694…

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That’s over 7+ hours of high-quality audio and video content with Dr. Jones and me…

Showing you exactly how you use the incredible power of the “success secret” Orison Swett Marden discovered over 100 years ago…

...that allowed him to go from being a homeless orphan with no reason to believe anything good would ever happen to him become the author of over 50 books and the Founder of SUCCESS Magazine! matter how much you may be struggling right now…

No matter how deep and dark this moment of your life may be…

Or how much you may just want to give up and “accept your fate”...

This book holds the hidden key to getting what you really want in life...and you CAN use it to turn your entire life around!

So click the button below and grab your copy of “How To Get What You Want” NOW…
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Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Your purchase of “How To Get What You Want” is backed by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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It’s Never Too Late To Turn Negativity Into Positivity And Get 
What You Really Want In Life...But You Must Act NOW!
No matter what you’re up against right now...

It’s NEVER too late!

But every moment that passes...every day that you let slip by…

Is another day that the forces of negativity in your life grow STRONGER...

Every single day, the hill gets steeper, and the battle gets tougher...

Which is why it’s so important to take action right NOW!

Because life is all about capitalizing on the “windows of opportunity” that present themselves to you…

And the simple fact is that THIS, right now, is a HUGE, life-changing opportunity presenting itself directly to YOU!
It’s not an accident or a coincidence that you’ve landed on this page and found yourself reading this letter!
That’s why you CANNOT let procrastination or the forces of negativity hold you back…

You’ve got to find it in you to COMMIT, to resolve yourself to take massive action right NOW…

It’s the key to getting what you want…

To living the life of your dreams…

To unlocking the health, happiness, and sense of fulfillment you’re still chasing after…

So click the button below right NOW and discover how to get what you really want in life…
Introductory Price - $10 (One Time)
To a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment,
Dr. Joe Vitale
Best-Selling Author of The Attractor Factor
Star of the Major Motion Picture The Secret
P.S. Don’t forget that your investment in “How To Get What You Want” is backed by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee…

That means you’ve got a full 60 days to explore the $694 in total value you’re receiving with this incredible offer…

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So you’ve got nothing to lose. And so MUCH to gain!

Make the decision that’s best for your future, and click the button below to get “How To Get What You Want” now…
About Dr. Joe Vitale
Dr. Joe Vitale is a world-renowned teacher, speaker, and best-selling author of The Attractor Factor, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, and Zero Limits.

He was also one of the stars of the major motion picture The Secret.

He’s been featured in various national media publications, such as Newsweek, CNBC, and CNN.

Dr. Vitale’s passion is to inspire people and help them achieve their wildest dreams.
About Dr. Steve G. Jones
Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist and wealth attraction expert. 

He holds an Ed.D (Doctor of Education) from Georgia Southern University.

Dr. Jones has been practicing and teaching hypnotherapy since the 1980s, and is the author of over 22 books on Hypnotherapy, as well as a number of highly-regarded courses on wealth attraction.

He’s helped thousands of men and women all over the world overcome limiting beliefs through self-hypnosis. 

His passion is to empower people to reprogram their subconscious minds in order to achieve their goals and create the life of their dreams.
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