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Chapter 1: 
Something Touched Him
 with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Discover the story of lost lion cub who was adopted by the sheep
  •  Learn why you must make yourself a MAGNET for the things you truly desire in life
  •  Find out how our environment, associates, and general condition all come to us in the physical plane as a result of our thoughts
  •  And much more
Chapter 2: 
How To Get What You Want 
with Dr. Steve G. Jones
  •  Why this may be the most essential chapter of the entire book
  •  How the relationship between humans and their environments all boils down to MAGNETISM and AFFINITY
  •  How to “force yourself” to take massive action and compel your life to change
  •  And much more
Chapter 3: 
Playing The Glad Game 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why success is about mindset, perception, and choice
  •  How finding the miracle of the MOMENT is the key to long-term happiness
  •  The “Glad Game” and how it can transform your life
  •  How you can train your mind to see the GOOD in every situation
  •  And much more
Chapter 4: 
Discouragement A Disease
— How To Cure It 
 with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why discouragement is a disease (and how to cure it)
  •  How discouragement prevents you from seeing your opportunities and true potential
  •  Why curiosity is the antidote to many of the negative forces in life
  •  How to reset your perspective by asking yourself a few simple questions
  •  And much more
Chapter 5: 
The Force That Moves Mountains with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why faith is the “force that moves mountains”
  •  How you can tap into this divine power that surrounds us all everywhere we go
  •  Why you’re a “god” in your own world (whether you realize it or not)
  •  How faith is the secret to doing the IMPOSSIBLE
  •  And much more
Chapter 6: 
Faith and Drugs
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  Why being fit and healthy is a critical part of getting what you want in life
  •  How Marden discovered the “placebo effect” 100 years ago and what it revealed to him about the power of the Universe
  •  How faith can help you melt down the pre-existing barriers and limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back
  •  And much more
Chapter 7: 
How to Find Oneself 
with Dr. Steve G. Jones
  •  How to find your true self BEFORE you run out of time on this Earth
  •  Why “the journey IS the reward” and why the destination is always a mirage on the horizon
  •  How to add an unlimited amount of depth, richness, and happiness in your life by finding yourself
  •  And much more
Chapter 8: 
How to Attract Prosperity 
with Dr. Steve G. Jones
  •  Why struggle and adversity are part of the human condition that creates the opportunity for abundance to flow into your life
  •  How to banish the mental forces that cause poverty and negativity
  •  How you can inadvertently engage the WRONG forces of attraction (and how to avoid it)
  •  And much more
Chapter 9: 
Thinking All Over 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  How every part of your body is ALIVE and has its own intelligence that can be directed and controlled by your mind
  •  How you can be programming yourself for failure or disease by providing the wrong directions and commands to your body
  •  Why the ego is the master spirit and how it can “think” health OR disease into your cells
  •  And much more
Chapter 10: 
Heart-to-Heart Talks with Yourself 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  The importance of having “heart-to-heart” talks with yourself
  •  How you talk to yourself influences EVERYTHING (right down to the cellular level)
  •  Why every word you speak and every thought you have can create a positive or negative effect
  •  Why words themselves are the “clothes” of our thoughts
  •  And much more
Chapter 11: 
Our Partnership with God 
with Dr. Joe Vitale
  •  How you can increase your personal power by partnering with the “source of life” itself
  •  How you can tap into the divine flow of the Universal Consciousness and eliminate all distractions, barriers, and objections to ANYTHING
  •  How I wrote my book Zero Limits in just 2 weeks through a “joint-venture with the divine” (and it felt like I didn’t even write it)
  •  And much more
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  •  How to Find Oneself Daytime Affirmation Session (30 min)
  • How to Find Oneself Subliminal Session (30 min)
  •  How to Attract Prosperity Hypnosis Session (60 min)
  •  How to Attract Prosperity Daytime Affirmation Session (30 min)
  •  How to Attract Prosperity Subliminal Session (30 min)
Introductory Price - $10 (One Time)
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About Dr. Joe Vitale
Dr. Joe Vitale is a world-renowned teacher, speaker, and best-selling author of The Attractor Factor, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, and Zero Limits.

He was also one of the stars of the major motion picture The Secret.

He’s been featured in various national media publications, such as Newsweek, CNBC, and CNN.

Dr. Vitale’s passion is to inspire people and help them achieve their wildest dreams.
About Dr. Steve G. Jones
Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist and wealth attraction expert. 

He holds an Ed.D (Doctor of Education) from Georgia Southern University.

Dr. Jones has been practicing and teaching hypnotherapy since the 1980s, and is the author of over 22 books on Hypnotherapy, as well as a number of highly-regarded courses on wealth attraction.

He’s helped thousands of men and women all over the world overcome limiting beliefs through self-hypnosis. 

His passion is to empower people to reprogram their subconscious minds in order to achieve their goals and create the life of their dreams.
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